About Aromelle Apothecary

While we can’t get more hours in the day (trust us, we’ve tried!) we do believe you can fill those hours with more joy. Aromelle Apothecary was created to help transport your mind to the most beautiful corners of the world. Here, your body can lavish in the lush, hydrating ingredients that are carefully handcrafted into every product.

Born among the rugged, dry landscape of New Mexico, Aromelle Apothecary carefully formulates soaps, body lotions, and sugar scrubs that nourish skin. In our years of worldwide exploration since then, each new collection has been inspired by the aromas and essences of the most memorable, most relaxing places on Earth. We take our responsibilities as members of the Greener Life Club very seriously by exclusively working with fair-trade suppliers, limiting our carbon footprint, promoting bio-health and being animal-friendly.


Through our years in business, our mission has remained the same: Not just to create amazing bath and body products, but to improve lives around the world.


That’s because we believe that when we feel connected to people around the world, we become more compassionate.

We believe in serving as stewards for that world by supporting environmentally and ethically responsible suppliers.

And we believe that taking the time to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures helps make the world a brighter place.

Starting in 2018, we will donate 10% of our sales to the Alpha-1 Foundation Research Fund to help in the search for a cure. 20% of sales from the unscented herbal soaps goes to the research fund.