About us

I started making soap for our family in the late 90's when we were transferred to New Mexico (thanks to the United States Air Force) and our skin was not happy with the dry desert air. After much research I settled on a recipe that made our skins happy; that is the same recipe we use today with the addition of organic Shea butter. We continue to make our soaps in small batches using the cold processed method; this sometimes account for differences in color.

Aromelle was created to bring you a soap (and other sundries) handcrafted with the finest ingredients that are not only good for you but have a low impact on our beautiful planet. It’s our notion that we can take advantage of the wonderful offering from Mother Nature while at the same time decreasing our carbon print.

Fragrance and the perception of smell are associated with experiences and evoke emotional reactions; at Aromelle we utilize these connections to provide you with an exceptional experience right in your home. Our mission is to provide  products that will not only be good for you but will sparkle wonderful memories; escape to an uninhabited island or to the enchanted forest while you shower, relax and recharge!

Every ingredient we utilize has been selected for its skin loving properties and every effort has been made to select fair trade and ethical sources. Our products are cruelty free, not animal tested; the Palm oil we utilized is sourced from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production. Our organic Shea Butter is sourced from Ghana, unrefined, no additives, raw and Fair Trade. All fragrance oils are unadulterated and phthalate free, our essential oils are certified for purity by our supplier.

Our products are tested by members of our family and friends including the youngest one -5 at the time of this writing-.  Our promise to you is to continue to produce soaps that are good for you, maintain the smallest carbon footprint we can while providing a wonderful escape in your shower, so go ahead…Indulge your senses!