Traveling to Europe with Trafalgar

Traveling to Europe with Trafalgar

January 14, 2019

Back in September 2018, a group of friends, my sister and I embarked on a 13 day trip to Italy. I am going to share highlights of that epic trip with you in a series of blog posts starting with this one.

First of all, if you ever want to take a trip where everything is scheduled for you, Trafalgar is your company. They are a first class company!, and furthermore if you are a member of AAA (yes, that company) they provide travel services, our trip was completely coordinated (airfare too) by our wonderful certified travel agent Novelette.

We arrived in Rome early morning, met with Trafalgar employees who transported us to the Hotel Londra e Cargill in Rome proper. This hotel is full of old world charm combined with modern amenities 

At the hotel, we met Maria, the Trafalgar tour director (love her!), while waiting for my sister to arrive, we ventured out for a stroll that included pizza at a small mom and pop restaurant, getting lost, and delicious gelato.




Later that afternoon, we met our driver Fabio (love him too) and went for an introductory drive of Rome. The evening ended with a light dinner and welcome reception with wine at a local restaurant called Il Fiore. 



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