Florence, Italy: cradle of the Renaissance

Florence, Italy: cradle of the Renaissance

February 19, 2018

Florence, a part of the Tuscany region of Italy embodies the intellectual, artistic and cultural. it is called the cradle of the Renaissance; it was the artistic center for many of the masters among them Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Galileo. There is so much to see when you visit Florence, gardens, museums, churches, piazzas, monuments, I can't wait to visit in September. 

The city sits at the feet of the Appennine Mountains in a valley that opens onto the Arno Plain. Did you know that Opera was invented in Florence? or that Florentine navigator, Amerigo Vespucci, gave his name to two continents? me neither!


If you like wine and you are in Florence, you cannot miss seeing the tabernacles of the wine. This is a phenomenon you can find only in Florence, mainly in the city center, on the most important palaces. The tabernacles of the wine are the little holes, with a wooden door you can see near the entrance of ancient palaces, though this door ancient Florentines bought the wine, wine which was the product of the farm which the owner had in the neighbor. The measure of these doors was right to allow a flask to pass through (a flask = 1 lit and ¾). Chianti wine was sold in flasks and but they could also buy only one glass of wine.

These little doors were used also to collect foods and drinks to give to the poor.
In the Tabernacles which had this use you can read the word “limosine” which means charity. Along with your walking in Florence you surely will arrive in Piazza San Martino there you can see one of these charity tabernacles. When the food was over, the friars of the church put a little light to let people know that they had no more food for the poor. Also today in Florence if you say “Essere al lumicino” (lett. To be up to the little light) it means: to be nearing rock bottom. (http://www.florenceinitaly.com)

Look for our perspective of this region after our trip to Italy. Can't wait to share our travels!


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