A Journey for Your Senses

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    Escape to the Caribbean

    Capture the sense of a seaside retreat with tropical aromas. Just like each island oasis that served as inspiration, these fruity, exotic scents will help you slow down and appreciate the beauty all around us.

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    Explore Asia

    Slip into leisure mode with fragrances that elicit scenes from Asia’s serene countryside. Modelled after landmarks that stand stark among the modern cities of Asia, lavishing in this collection is like taking a daily retreat from the stresses of life.

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    Unwind like a European

    Feel like you’re on a European holiday with an enchanting blend of herbal and citrus scents. Inspired by cities steeped in history—but with sensual modern vibes that continue to attract admirers.

  • Take an American Adventure

    Immerse yourself in the best scents found from sea to shining sea. As diverse as the American landscape, this collection unifies in its delivery of charming, captivating scents.


Our soaps are made in small batches using a blend of skin loving oils and butters that makes your bathing ritual a decadent adventure. The fragrances will transport you to your favorite holiday spot; from American to Asia, there is a vacation spot for everyone.