Why Saint Tropez?

Why Saint Tropez?

January 25, 2018

One of our best selling fragrances is Saint Tropez, some people want to know why that particular town. Well, let me tell you......   

This seaside fishing village was transformed into a jet-set destination in the 50's by Brigitte Bardot. The name St-Tropez invokes images of champagne sipping-caviar eating beautiful, sexy people, fabulous parties, and star-studded beaches.

 The St-Tropez peninsula is home to several wineries, among them are Chateau Minuty (www.chateauminuty.com) and, Chateau de Chausse (chateaudechausse.fr). The preferred drink is Rose wine. St-Tropez is famous for its tarte tropézienne, invented by Alexandre Micka in 1955 

St-Tropez has it all, beautiful people, chilled glass of Rose, delicious food, and amazing beaches... go ahead pack your bags, see you there! 

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