Day 2 of our Italian vacation: Vatican guided tour

Day 2 of our Italian vacation: Vatican guided tour

January 18, 2019

Our second day started very early, after breakfast we met Maria and Fabio for a drive to the Vatican city. The Vatican city is a separate state, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and the home of the Pope. As soon as we arrived, we met with Susana -our local specialist- for the guided tour. One thing I noticed as soon as we arrived was the multitude of people waiting in line (at it was only 8 am). We did not have to wait in line because Trafalgar had already bought our tickets in advance and the tour guides have a separate entrance into the Vatican. 

Trafalgar has a special feature in some places, here it was the Bramante staircase -we were the only ones going up that day! 

Bramante staircase 

The view from the top was amazing!

After visiting the museums, we entered the Sistine Chapel with frescoes by Michelangelo ( no pictures or videos are allowed there), the whole place is an amazing sensory experience. St Peters Basilica was an experience on its own, never have I entered a church in which I could feel an otherworldly presence, there is a feeling of peace, love, and something else that I can not explain. 

St Peters Basilica

We had lunch at the Vatican, returned to our coach and drove to another ancient  monument, The Colosseum. 

Also known as Flavian Amphitheatre, this place offered gladiator fights, executions, and animal hunts. This was my least favorite place in Italy, the whole place has a feeling of loss, of desperation (maybe I have a very vivid imagination, I don't know)

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